Ethics starts at the top!
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The Ethical Leadership Model is a simple but powerful framework developed by the IEL.

Business Model

Value creation with consideration for people and environment.

Operational Factors

Work environment, working hours, saftey, recycling, sustainability, diversity, communication.


Explicit self-committment by the entire leadership: public, responsible and mutual.


You can get started on ethics in a variety of ways.
Here are some options, but you can contact us for further approaches.

Assess your organisation's culture and ethical posititioning via a survey assessment tool, a reality-check workshop and optional improvement sessions.
Decision Workshops
Decision making is at the core of ethical behavior. More ethical decisions are also better for your business goals.
Leadership Development
From workshops to coaching, we develop the most promising approach for optimisation individually and for teams.


The Institute for Ethical Leadership has been founded in 2018 as a non-profit association in order to address a topic that has been widely ignored or abused in the context of corporations and institutions.

While numerous developments in past decades, such as the movements for Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability Reports, etc. have improved the overall awarenes for related topics, the pivotal role of - accountable - leadership has often been overlooked.

The Ethical Leadership Team

The IEL team is based on the long personal friendship of two individuals who have very different approaches to ethical behavior.
There are many ways to calibrate a moral compass, but it is never arbitrary.


Sascha Mundstein

Harvard, Insead, Diplomatic Academy. Philosopher, healthcare financier, crypto-engineer.


Harald Preyer

Lead Founder
Consultant, Host, Eulogist



Manager, Publisher, Ethics Community Organizer.

The core team is available for consultations, events and key addresses. For individual and personalized management coaching and training we rely on our network of reputable partners.

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